I like things that taste like pumpkin as long as it is not pumpkin

Pumpkin flavored items

Pumpkin flavored items

Fall is great because you get to try all those pumpkin flavored items. But it must suck for the true pumpkin fans because they have to deal with all the pumpkin posers. Pumpkin posers love pumpkin flavored: beer, coffee, cookies and can’t seem to get enough of them.

But try to give them a can of pumpkin and they vanish. Pumpkin posers love pumpkin, but only when they are at a safe distance away from actually eating pumpkin. Pumpkin posers basically set up gated communities that only let pumpkin flavors in and keep all the canned pumpkin filling and pumpkin puree out.

I love that canned pumpkin brands brag about how their product contains 100 percent pure pumpkin. It is actually cheaper for the business to sell pumpkin filling that is 100 percent pure pumpkin. Pumpkin is basically the cheapest thing they can put in the can.

Many companies sell canned pumpkin that is 100 percent pure pumpkin. But they don’t advertise that on the can because that would decrease pumpkin sales. They don’t want to call more attention to pumpkin nature of their product.

Customer: “Wait, I am buying pumpkin!?! What am I doing?!?”

Most people would probably prefer to buy pumpkin filling that is only 90 percent pure pumpkin. That way they would think, “thank gosh it‘s only 90 percent pumpkin.”


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