White House is haunted

Ghosts in the White House

Ghosts in the White House

There have been many ghost sightings at the White House over the years.

That is crazy, we have a 15 trillion dollar economy, 310 million citizens, play a strong role in world events.
And we run that entire operation out of a 200 year old known haunted house.

You would never see that in the private sector. A corporation would never appoint a new CEO and then force him to live and work out of a haunted house.

That is why corporations merge and relocate their corporate headquarters all the time. The longer you have a place, the better the chance of it becoming occupied by ghosts or spirits. Ghosts and spirits do not increase employee productivity and distract employees from doing their job.

I think the United States need to take a page out of the private sector playbook and relocate the governor’s mansions and the White House into newer buildings. That way our leaders won’t spend so much time thinking “What was that noise?”, “Did I see that?” and they will be able to spend more time doing their job.

Barack Obama’s presidential approval rating falls

People’s approval rating of Barack Obama.

People’s approval rating of Barack Obama.

People’s approval rating of everything in general

People’s approval rating of everything in general

When Barack Obama entered office he had a 68 percent approval rating.  It has gone down since then and on August 12, 2010 Obama’s approval rating dropped to 42 percent.

Some people see this and think that the public doesn’t think that Obama is doing a good job. 

But that is not true; most people think that Barack Obama is doing a good job.  People are just angrier and unhappier these days and their approval of everything has gone down.  Obama’s job approval rating has decreased since he has been in office, but his approval rating hasn’t decreased more than people’s approval of other things in their lives, including food, traffic, weather, ect.  For example on August 12, 2010 US citizens had a 64 percent approval rating for Kit Kat as a candy bar.  When Obama took office, Kit Kat had an 82 percent approval rating as a candy bar.    

Some reasons that people are unhappy currently are: they are broke, world issues, divorce, and social issues such as: abortion, gay marriage, and immigration. 

The highest approval rating President John F. Kennedy ever had in office was 80 percent on March 13, 1962.  That sounds great, but that approval rating is inflated.  John F. Kennedy’s approval rating wasn’t that high.  The only reason it was recorded as 80 percent was because it was the 60’s and people were happier then and everybody essentially approved of everything.  In the 60’s, things were groovy, people were traveling to space, love was free, and there was a lot of civil rights and social progress being made.  In the 60’s cockroaches had a 39 percent approval rating, there was not much people in the 60’s didn’t like. 

So when you are analyzing presidential approval ratings and job performance you need to need to factor in how happy or content the people of that decade were, because some decade’s people are chipper and some decade’s people are pouty.


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