Bees going extinct

Bees Endangered Species

Bees Endangered Species

Seven species of bees were added to the endangered species list last year.

That sucks, now if a bee stings me I can’t kill it unless I want to risk paying a $50,000 fine or spend a year in jail for killing an endangered species.

If I am spending a year in jail for killing an endangered species, I want it to be a truly epic encounter like being cornered by a Bengal Tiger or turf dispute with a Snow Leopard. I don’t want it to be some bee landing on my arm in the backyard.

I am planting flowers to help stop bees from going extinct, because of all the food we will lose when bees go away asparagus isn’t one of them. Living in a future where I have to eat more servings of asparagus in a given decade is not acceptable.

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