Paul the psychic octopus received death threats after his soccer world cup predictions became true.

Paul the psychic octopus received death threats after his soccer world cup predictions became true.

Paul the psychic octopus received death threats after his soccer world cup predictions became true.

Paul the psychic German octopus was 100% accurate in his prediction of the outcomes of eight world cup games in 2010.  However, when Germany won matches that the German octopus predicted Germany would win, fans from other countries got angry because they thought the octopus jinxed the matches.  The octopus has since received death threats,  from Non-Germans and Germans (the Octopus predicted that Germany would to lose to Spain).  Some of the death threats the octopus received include, people saying they want to turn Paul in sushi, “we want Paul for the pan’, “All you need is four normal potatoes, olive oil for taste, and a little pepper(from an Argentinean newspaper)”, “throw him in the shark tank”, people singing anti-octopus songs, and invitations for Paul to attend seafood festivals.        

That is so dumb, that is just like the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil getting death threats for predicting that there will be six more weeks of winter.  Punxsutawney Phil and Paul the octopus aren’t really predicting anything they are just walking around and people are interpreting what the animals are predicting.  It is not like the animals gave a written statement of their prediction or nodded their head when they hear what people said their prediction was.   

When PETA heard about the death threats they demanded that the psychic octopus be set free in protected ocean waters by the south of France where people don’t take soccer so seriously.  But that is dumb; first there are many predators in the ocean by the south of France including: barracudas, moray eels, and great white sharks.  I don’t know why someone would think that an octopus born and raised in captivity for two years could live longer in the wild than it could in captivity, even with captivity having crazy revenge seeking soccer fans running around. 

In captivity, the octopus has access to top quality veterinarians, who can treat a wide variety of aliments.  In the wild, Paul has no medical coverage.  And if Paul tried to get help from another octopus in the wild, the other octopus would probably try to eat him.    

Also Octopuses only live for about three years, and since Paul is already two years old, he really only has about a year left. 

Usually when something has one year to live it is terminally ill.  In an octopus’s case it is fit as a fiddle and has its good years ahead of him.

Romeo and Juliet, letters mailed to Juliet

Romeo's reading material

Romeo’s reading material


Over 5000 letters are mailed every year to Juliet from Romeo and Juliet.

The letters usually ask Juliet for relationship advice and are addressed to Juliet, Verona, Italy.

I don’t know why people want to get relationship advice from Juliet. Juliet killed herself a minute after finding out her husband was dead.

You should never take your own life, no matter what you are feeling. But at the minimum, Juliet should have waited until after Romeo’s funeral before she did it. That way she could show up at the funeral, give Lady Montague a hug, and speak at the eulogy.

Juliet also should have also put off her suicide until after she cleaned out Romeos apartment. Romeo probably had some embarrassing stuff in his room that he didn’t want anyone to find, like a crate of pornography. Lord and Lady Montague don’t want to find a crate of their son’s pornographic scrolls the same week that they lose him. Losing a son and finding his pornography stockpile in the same month is too much pain for any parent to go through. It is the spouse’s job to destroy their significant other’s embarrassing itmes if they pass away. One of the benefits of getting married is that you won’t die alone. The other benefit of being married is that if you do die, your spouse will clear out all of your embarrassing items: erotic toys, Grey’s Anatomy authored fan fiction, and home videos of you playing games with your cat.


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