Skyrim, animal furs, and PETA

Skyrim, animal fur, PETA

Skyrim, animal fur, PETA

In the game Skyrim, characters can only get bland colored clothing. There are no purple, blue, or red cloth because there is no clothing dye. The only way to accent your character’s gear is to use animal furs and skins.

I am not an animal rights activist, but that just isn’t fair to the animals. There are nine kingdoms in Skyrim. None of them specialize in dye? Can’t they find another way to jazz up their outfits without using animal skins? Aren’t there any designer labels or bags they can use to make their character stand out?

I love that the wizards in Skyrim can cast fireballs and lightning bolts, but when it comes to using magic to change the colors of clothes, that is impossible and against the principles of magic. They can close a dimensional gate, but can’t make a brown shirt purple.


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