Getting rid of tipping

If we stopped tipping in restaurants

If we stopped tipping in restaurants

Lots of people want to get rid of tipping in restaurants because they think it will result in better service or be better for society.

Abolishing tipping is a bad idea. Tipping is one of the few times that people do math. We can’t abolish tipping, we need tipping just to maintain our basic math skills. The US ranks 26th in the world in math. If we get rid of tipping in restaurants, we are going to slip down further.

Tipping also plays an important role in dating. Dating is tough. But if we find out that our date is a bad tipper, it becomes infinitely easier. Why would we want to get rid of our ability to sniff out and banish bad tippers? That information is more useful than anything you could find out about them on facebook, in a background check, or in their garbage can.

Only a bad tipper would bring up getting rid of tipping. I am a bad tipper. But for the sake of society and a better world, I want to preserve tipping and accept the backlash I receive.

Health care reform home remedies and the common cold

With health care reform more people will use home remedies to fight the cold.

With health care reform more people will use home remedies to fight the cold.

Health care reform has changed it so that over-the-counter medicine is only tax deductible from a flex spending account if you have a doctor’s note.

That sucks.  Over-the-counter medicine works very well for fighting colds.  Now that cold medicines such as Robitussin, Dayquil, and Actifed are no longer tax deductible from a flex spending account, they are essentially more expensive than they were before and people will buy less of them and opt for home remedies and all natural treatments to fight colds.

I am fine with the good home remedies that people use to fight colds including: drinking lots of water, vitamin C, chicken noodle soup, and spicy food.

It’s the bad home remedies that I have a problem with.  There are a lot of home remedies out there that just don’t work.  I have heard of people using orange peels, bee pollen, grapefruit seed extract, and tonic water with nutmeg to fight the cold. 

In our modern society, there is no reason to use far fetched home remedies in lieu of tested cold medicine.  Orange peels and bee pollen, really!  Should people start eating egg sandwiches to treat high blood pressure?  That doesn’t make any sense to me. 

How come when some people get sick, instead of going for the sure bet with the over-the-counter medicine, they decide to go over to the roulette wheel and hope that the ball lands on their home remedy? 

Is it really that fun every time your sick to get the old gumbo pot out and make your own concoction that you believe will cure what ails ya.

Bad last names

Bad Last Names

Bad Last Names


Why do the last names Gaylord and Cocks still exist?  Most people who have last names had two parents.   If you had two parents and your last name is Gaylord or Cocks, I want to know, what was the last name that your parents decided not to use?  It must have been pretty bad like, Kiddypeni or Bestialitymen.  Now if you had one parent, it is harder for you to get rid of that awkward last name outside of court.

But, if you had two parents, there is no excuse for you having a last name like Gaylord or Cocks.  Some people do have conservative values and beliefs; and believe that the wife and the kids should take the husbands last name.  But, there is no way that having the husband’s last name of Gaylord is more conservative than taking the wife’s last name of Thompson.

Cell phones and face-to-face interaction

Some people think that cell phones make people worse off because people spend too much time checking their messages and text messaging and that they don’t get enough face-to-face interaction with other people. 

I don’t agree with that.  That’s the same thing people said in the eighteen hundreds, when people started carrying around pocket watches.  In the 1800’s  people would say, “Pocket watches are bad because they decrease the amount of face-to-face interaction people get from visiting the town sun dial.” or “Why do people waste time checking the time on their pocket watch, when there is a perfectly good grandfather clock just down the hall?”

People mainly carry around pocket watches or cell phones for dating. 

Dating a girl was difficult in the 1800’s if you didn’t have a pocket watch.  If you were getting ready for a party that started at eleven, it was hard to arrive fashionably late for that party after dark, if you didn’t have a pocket watch.  If you didn’t have a pocket watch your girlfriend would get really turned off, if you keep track of time after dark with an old cuckcoo clock in the back of your carriage. 

Girls want to date a guy who is with the times, today that means texting and cell phones and back then it meant having a pocket watch and knowing how to cure illnesses by letting blood.    

Pocket watches and cell phones

Pocket watches and cell phones


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