Oreos are a great investment

People will always need Oreos

People will always need Oreos

I have had basically no success investing in the stock market. But having a position in Nabisco in your portfolio just makes a lot of sense to me. Tech companies come and go, but Nabisco will be around for thousands of years because of Oreo. People might not always need Google, but they will always need Oreos.

When I look for a potential investment advisor I always make sure to slyly ask them what they think about investing in Nabisco. If their answer in anything less than recommending a portfolio with a twenty percent position in Nabisco, I walk.

Unfortunately I fear Oreos might be mankind’s downfall because it will bring the aliens down upon us. They will attack us to protect their cookie brands because they fear Oreo would dominate the galactic cookie market and run their cookie brands out of business.

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