Action movies, James Bond, and concussions

Next bond movie

Next bond movie

James Bond movies are so fake.

In real life James Bond would have multiple concussions in every movie from fist fights, high speed crashes, and people swinging things at him all the time.

I don’t understand why Q never gives 007 a football helmet or a mouth guard to protect against concussions?

I know these fights and crashes are detailed in the mission reports, because he has a huge ego and likes to brag. “I survived a car chase, my pursuers were permanently cut off.” “I fought four henchmen in Berlin, it was just smashing.”

With all that information, why wouldn’t Q give James Bond a football helmet and a mouth guard? He knows James is repeatedly getting into these scraps. Isn’t preventing concussions more useful than a watch that can cut rope or cuff links that can take pictures?

How is James Bond supposed to disarm the bomb if he is concussed, has coordination issues, and mental disorientation?

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