$15 minimum wage for fast food employees

Fast food $15 wage debate

Fast food $15 wage debate

A lot of fast food employees are going on strike because they want to be paid $15 dollars an hour or something closer to a living wage.

I love that millions of people support higher wages for McDonald’s employees, but not one person is willing to start tipping them. I have not seen one person even bring up the possibility of tipping fast food employees. TV pundits won’t even touch it. They will talk about racial tension, torture, and scandals, but tipping fast food employees is outside of their comfort zone. And then there are millions of people that are determined that doubling an employees hourly wage is the only thing that can be done to solve the employees’ standard of living problem.

Of course if fast food employees did make $15 an hour… they wouldn’t get an employee discount. If you give fast food employees $15 dollars an hour and a 15 percent employee discount, you are going to have a gigantic shift in the labor force of people flocking to the fast food sector, which would cripple dozens of American industries in the process.

Animal towns and swine flu

Swine Flu

Swine Flu

A lot of kid stories take place in towns where many different animals are living together.
I don’t think that would work out too well in real life.

How could you have restaurants in a town full of animal citizens? I just see pigs serving food sneezing everywhere, dogs shaking hands with everyone, ducks not washing their hands when they leave the restroom. That is just swine flu waiting to happen.

The forests also suck in a world where animals live in cities. The woods would be empty cold and lifeless because all the animals moved to the town. If you finally did see a deer it would just be sad and depressing because the deer probably fell through the cracks of society and is homeless.

It is also tough to have a good love story in an all animal community. If a cat and a goat meet and fall in love, if the parents are against it and say that they aren’t good for each other. There is probably going to be some truth to that. And no one wants to follow a story where you side with the parents.


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