Annoying zoo animals

Annoying tropical birds

Annoying tropical birds

I don’t think that keeping animals in zoos is cruel. But I think it is cruel that at my local zoo they have tropical birds living in the mountain goat exhibit. That has got the suck for the mountain goats. Tropical birds are some of the most irritating animals in nature. They make one sound all day long: “Eh, Eh, Eh.” In the wild, mountain goats never had to deal with tropical birds. Now in the zoo, they have to listen to that “Eh, Eh, Eh” every single day.

Just imagine if you were in a human exhibit in an alien zoo and they put you in a cage with a bunch of Elvis impersonators. That would be insufferable. “Oh-wa Baby, Wa-ha-ha, and Thank you very much.” After living through that, you would know what the mountain goats are going through.

Mountain goats would probably rather live in a swamp enclosure with snakes than a rock enclosure with tropical birds.

I think we need to release tropical birds from zoos or move them into sound proof enclosures. Anything less would be animal cruelty.


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