Salaries of government employees posted online

Government transparency

Government transparency

I am a government employee and because of government transparency, there are many websites online that give information on how much money I make a year.

That sucks that my pay is posted online.

There are certain times when I want to embellish my income a little.

If I am on a date or discussing my career with some successful people from my high school, I always give myself a healthy raise and increase my job title by two.

When I commit the perfect crime of salary and job title exaggeration I want my targets to toss and turn at night at the unfairness that has been bestowed upon me.

I don’t want to commit the perfect crime and then 45 seconds later one of my targets pulls up my salary on their iPhone and they tell me that my healthy raise doesn’t match up with the pay reported on the website, and that I am actually an assistant and not a supervisor… That is one of the downsides of the public sector.

I couldn’t get one night! You couldn’t give me one night!!!


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