Rich people getting married

Wealthy family wedding etiquette.

Wealthy family wedding etiquette.

One of my buddies is getting married and he is loaded. So no matter what I give him as a wedding present; it won’t be up to his standard of living and will just be a nice gesture in his eyes. I don’t want to give my buddy a nice gesture for his wedding. I am not buying him a waffle iron just so he can activate the good gesture part of his brain and get a warm and fuzzy feeling.

But at least I am not part of his wedding party. I don’t think I would fit in at the Groom’s dinner.

Dad: “Hey did you guys hear the joke about the Faberge egg and the butler who was mistaken for a boat hand.”

Rich Person 1: “We need to stop global warming, if our sea levels rise eight feet, thousands of Islands will disappear. We need to protect this planet’s supply of private islands. Because if it isn’t a private island, what’s the point?”

Rich Person 2: “I know what you are going through.”

Me: “Really?”

Rich Person 2: “No I have no idea what you are going through, those things don’t happen to people with money. I am as clueless as the guy who asked my doorman if he could bring his car around… does he have any idea what a doorman does?”


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