Too old to be one of the boxcar children

The boxcar children

The boxcar children

Turning 30 sucks. Because you are too old to be one of the boxcar children.

If you are 30, people look down on you if you are homeless and living in a railroad boxcar.

If you are in high school or middle school and living in a railroad boxcar, it is cute and endearing like the boxcar children.

The whole town loves you, because you and the other orphans are living on your own, solving mysteries, and doing laundry.

But if you are 30 years old, living in an abandoned boxcar, solving mysteries, and doing laundry with other 30 year olds; you just took one giant leap out of everyone’s comfort zone and everyone wants to get rid of you like a household pest.

Even the boxcar children would say, “that homeless guy has got ta go.”


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