White House is haunted

Ghosts in the White House

Ghosts in the White House

There have been many ghost sightings at the White House over the years.

That is crazy, we have a 15 trillion dollar economy, 310 million citizens, play a strong role in world events.
And we run that entire operation out of a 200 year old known haunted house.

You would never see that in the private sector. A corporation would never appoint a new CEO and then force him to live and work out of a haunted house.

That is why corporations merge and relocate their corporate headquarters all the time. The longer you have a place, the better the chance of it becoming occupied by ghosts or spirits. Ghosts and spirits do not increase employee productivity and distract employees from doing their job.

I think the United States need to take a page out of the private sector playbook and relocate the governor’s mansions and the White House into newer buildings. That way our leaders won’t spend so much time thinking “What was that noise?”, “Did I see that?” and they will be able to spend more time doing their job.

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