Corporate sponsors and government

Post office solves its problems.

Post office solves its problems.

When it comes to corporate sponsorship the US government is a total control freak and wants nothing to do commercialism. They will put ads on buses and park benches, but won’t take it one step further.

That makes no sense. The US Postal Service is about to go bankrupt and there are about 500,000 postal workers and 200,000 mail trucks with no ads on them.

To help the Post Office balance its budget, the US should just slap some Dominos, Valvoline, and GoDaddy ads on those mail trucks and postal uniforms. Many activities such as NASCAR, the WNBA, and the Olympics could not function without corporate sponsors. It is fiscally irresponsible for the government to not use corporate sponsorships to help fund its government services.

Look at Red Bull, their corporate sponsorship made it possible for a person to drop from the edge of space.

If NASA would have allowed advertisements on their space shuttles and spacesuits they would be launching shuttles into space right now testing new devices and advancing our scientific knowledge.

But instead they are broke, decommissioned, and twiddling their thumbs until they get more money.

Corporate sponsors and aliens.

Corporate sponsors and aliens.

Detroit on Thanksgiving Day

Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day

Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day

For the last nine years, the Detroit Lions have lost all of their Thanksgiving Day football games.

But that’s not all their fault. The NFL always schedules them to play vastly superior teams on that day.

From 2004 to now the Lions have averaged five wins a season and on Thanksgiving Day the NFL schedules them to play teams that average eleven wins a season. That is crazy!

In 2012 they played the Houston Texans who were the second overall ranked team.

In 2011 they played the 15-1 Green Bay Packers.

In 2010 they played the 14-2 New England Patriots.

I don’t understand why the NFL doesn’t give Detroit a break and have them play the Browns one year.

The NFL is determined to make it a holiday tradition that on Thanksgiving the Lions get stuffed like a turkey.

The enterprise needs to change its dress code

Star Trek uniforms

Star Trek uniforms

The Starship Enterprise and its crew usually only does peaceful missions and routinely meets newly discovered alien races on these missions. On these missions, the crew always wears matching uniforms.

That doesn’t make any sense.

Isn’t it hard to convince new alien races that your ship is on a mission of peace if everyone is wearing matching military uniforms and many of those uniforms are red. The Peace Corps doesn’t go to other countries wearing matching uniforms when they do peace missions.

The Enterprise and its crew usually have to spend about 10 minutes every episode trying to convince the new alien races that they are friendly and on a mission of peace. That is time that could have been spent dealing with Klingons, discovering a new star system, collecting data, etc. If Starfleet wants to decrease their space tensions and increase space mission productivity, they should change their dress code on peaceful missions. They could use formal wear, business casual, or dress as hippies wearing tie dye shirts, hemp jewelry, and flip flops. Then it would be a lot easier for the crew to come off as a friendly group of space travelers.


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