Publishers decide to reboot books

Publishers remake books

Publishers remake books

Movie studios are remaking movies more and more now: King Kong, Footloose, Ocean’s 11, etc.

I don’t understand why book publishers don’t remake books too.

A lot of movies get remade because they are out of date or to put current actors in them.

Books can be remade for the same reasons. Although book remakes can’t take advantage of breakthroughs in special effects. In the book remake, the writer could just describe the action sequence better to make it seem more realistic to the reader.

A lot of people might not be too excited to read Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky. But if people see that Danielle Steel or Dean Koontz is writing the remake, they may want to read remake.

Or book publishers might try to give To Kill a Mockingbird a more modern feel by making it take place on the moon and making Boo Radley a cyborg.


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