Battleships State Names

Battleships are named after US states currently.

Battleships are named after US states currently.

The United States names all of its battleships after states.  I don’t know why we name our battleships after states?  We have the USS South Dakota, USS Alabama, USS Iowa; most state names don’t inspire confidence or strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.

The enemies don’t go, “Oh no here comes the USS Iowa, we better run.”  Allies don’t go, “thank god, here comes the North Dakota, we are saved.”

England gives their battleships cool confidence inspiring names such as: Conqueror, Thunder, and Centurion. They don’t have the USS Alabama, which is a South Dakota class battleship.

I think we should give our battleships cool names like: Zeus, Juggernaut, or Big Bear.

Blue Ivy is a better battleship name than South Dakota.


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