NFL investigates teams with bounty programs

Gregg Williams' new strategy.

Gregg Williams' new football strategy.

The NFL is currently reviewing the defensive culture of pro football teams and the bounty programs that the Saint’s and Washington Redskin’s had. These bounty programs offered teammates money for hits that knocked opposing players out of games or hurt opponents.

Hopefully the NFL’s defensive review will help make the NFL safer and more fair.

Unfortunately, I know that the NFL is just going to use this defense review as an excuse to suspend James Harrison indefinitely from the NFL; just like how the U.S. used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq.

After the NFL Defense review is over and the fines and penalties are issued, it is going to change the way defensive coaches talk to their teams forever. The defensive coaches are still just going to tell their players to rip the opponents’ ACL’s apart like a plate of ribs or to treat the opposing quarterback’s helmet like a piñata. But the coaches are going to talk about it in code, so don’t get in trouble for it and so they can still preserve the NFL’s image and integrity.

I am guessing defensive coaches will either use Navajo code talkers, baseball hand signals, or give their defensive players decoder rings; that way when the coaches tell their players in code to take out the opponents’ knees or do a headshot, no one is the wiser.

The Hunger Games

The real dangers in the Hunger Games universe.

The real dangers in the Hunger Games universe.

In The Hunger Games, 12 districts or communities have to offer up two kids as tribute to the capitol every year for a fight to the death. I don’t know why everyone in the districts makes such a big deal about this.

The towns that these people live in basically have technology and medicine from the 1800’s.

Although it is sad that each district loses 2 kids to the hunger games each year, each district probably loses 14 kids every year to Tuberculosis, Cholera, and Pneumonia. They shouldn’t even call the book series The Hunger Games.

They should just call it “Tuberculosis” because Tuberculosis affects the community more. I think the Hunger Games is more of a sub plot to the main plot of a world that has a terrible Healthcare system.


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