Do vegetarians have better sex?

Do Vegetarians have better sex?

Do Vegetarians have better sex?

PETA claims that Vegetarians have better sex than meat eaters. They say this is true because vegetarians weight less on average and have more sexual energy and stamina from eating more nutritiously.

I don’t buy that. There is no way that vegetarians have better sex than meat eaters.

The vegetarian food pyramid had a bean and legume food group which suggests that vegetarians should two to eat three servings of beans a day. There is no way that having sex with someone who eats three servings of beans a day is more fun than having sex with someone who is 7 pounds overweight and has less sexual potency.

PETA should definitely put an asterisk next to the phrase “Vegetarians have better sex”. That states results differ if vegetarians eat beans or asparagus 48 hours prior to sex.

We need to force Coke to patent its drink formula

World without Coke

World without Coke

Coke holds its drink formula as a trade secret. The formula is locked in a safe and is only known by a handful of people at any given time.

That is so stupid. It would just take one freak accident or disaster and the formula to make Coca-Cola could be lost forever. Billions of cases of Coke are sold every year. Not having Coke for people to drink is not an option.

That is why we need the government to step in and force Coke to patent its drink formula. If Coke is patented, mankind will retain the knowledge of how to make Coke forever.
We can’t lose the formula for Coke; it would be like losing a species of animal.

If a species of bird or mammal was about to go extinct, the government would immediately step in and make sure that it doesn’t happen.

Right now Coca-Cola is on the verge of extinction and the government plans on doing nothing; even though the vast majority of people consider losing Coca-Cola more devastating than losing eight rare bird species.

The United States economy needs Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola is part of the United States infrastructure like airports. Our current GDP and rate of GDP growth is only possible because of our air transportation and Coca-Cola infrastructure. A workforce that has access to Coke can produce more goods and services than a work force that does not have access to Coke.

If the Coca-Cola formula was lost and US workers were forced to switch to Pepsi, economists predict that it would take 12.7 million more workers and two major technological breakthroughs to maintain the same level of productivity.

Economists also estimate that in a world without coke, American households on average would need to earn $2,000 more a year and have one less in-law to maintain the same standard of living.


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