Relationships in medical dramas and their effects on patients

Relationships in medical dramas

Relationships in medical dramas

I would hate to be a patient on a medical drama like Grey’s Anatomy. Not only do the patients have serious medical illnesses; but the doctors in the show who are treating the patients always have relationship issues.

How am I supposed to get good medical treatment when my doctor spends all of his time in his office picking pedals of off posies muttering, “she loves me she loves me not”.

If I was a patient on a medical drama and the doctor told me that I have a 50/50 chance of living. I would want to know, hey is that a 50/50 chance before or after Dr. McDreamy broke up with you.

Guinness World Records and steroids

Guinness World Records and steroids

Guinness World Records and steroids

Every year people set new Guinness World Records or break old ones. Currently most Guinness World Records do not test challengers for steroid use

I think Guinness World Records are only legitimate if the challengers are tested for steroid use, where a positive result results in disqualification.

Breaking 80 eggs with your head in a minute is impressive, but anyone can do that if they are hopped up on steroids.

The same thing is true for non-athletic events such as “largest hamburger (590 pounds)” and “most people with mustaches in a single gathering (1,133)”.

When you allow people who use steroids challenge world records, you set inflated or unrealistic numbers.

In 2008 a group of people in Ireland broke the world record for “most people dressed as Smurfs in one place (1,253)”. I bet 18 of those 1,253 people were on steroids. If those 18 people were not on steroids, chances are only 1,242 people would have showed up dressed as surfs.

Without the increased endurance and the roid rage that the steroids provide, some of the people on steroids would of just stayed home and watched TV instead. The record would have an additional two less people, because two of the 1,253 challengers dressed as smurfs were recruited by people on steroids, and without the steroids; the recruiters would have not been persuasive enough to get the people to participate.

1,253   People dressed as smurfs
–       9    People on steroids who would of stayed home
–       2    People who would only have be recruited by people on steroids
1,242    True record set for “most Smurfs in one place”

We need to ban steroid use in Guinness World Records, because it gives people who use them an unfair advantage and people keep setting records that are not attainable through natural methods.


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