Glitter never goes away

Glitter never goes away

If you ever use glitter or come into contact with glitter, you know that it never goes away.  It is basically just like radioactive waste, it has a huge half-life.

You can imagine that the glitter factories are just covered in glitter from use. Unfortunately, once these factories are done making glitter, they can’t be converted to another use because the spilt glitter and the remains of glitter explosions in the factory will never go away.   So the glitter factories essential have to be buried underground when they are done being used so that the glitter doesn’t spill out and contaminate people or the environment.

Is it dangerous to shop on Black Friday?

Black Friday shopping

Black Friday shopping

Unfortunately on Black Friday, a few people usually die from being attacked or trampled by other shoppers. Because of this, many people think that it is dangerous to shop on Black Friday.

I don’t agree with this. On average, one person dies everyday while shopping in the US. And on Black Friday, there are about ten times as many shoppers than there are on a normal day. So although more people die on Black Friday, the deaths per shopper is actually lower your average shopping day.


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