The Miami Heat and the Lord of the Rings

The Miami Heat and the Lord of the Rings

The Miami Heat and the Lord of the Rings

People should cheer for the Miami Heat, the Miami Heat are the good guys. They are just like the Fellowship from the Lord of the Rings. Except for, instead of being assembled to destroy a ring, they were assembled to get a ring. Sauron the “Celtics” and Saruman the “Lakers” both want the ring for themselves and it is the Fellowship’s mission to make sure they don’t get it.

Some people think that the Heat aren’t the Fellowship because they lost the 2011 NBA Finals and because the NBA players are currently in a lockout. But that is just the second act, things always look their worse at the end of the second act. At the end of the Two Towers Frodo didn’t have the ring of power and was captured by the enemy.

But the third act of the Lord of the Rings is called The Return of the King, and that is when King James is going to reclaim his Kingdom.

The Government and the collectors market

Government action to help the collectibles market.

Government action to help the collectibles market.

During the 2007 recession, the government bailed out the stock market by: cutting interest rates, taking over companies too big to fail, and starting bank TARP programs.

Bailing out Wall Street is great for stock owners, but is sucks for people who invested outside of Wall Street in collectibles such as: Star Wars figurines, Faberge eggs, and Cabbage Patch dolls. Those owners have received little to no alleviation from the Federal government in response to the falling collectible values during the recession.

The federal government never took any toxic beanie babies assets off the market to help unfreeze the stuffed animal collectibles market.

The government never made it a requirement that third parties perform audits on eBay listings to make the information more reliable for investors.

The government never passed a first-time Faberge egg buyer credit, to help reduce the supply of Faberge eggs in the sellers market.


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