Bartering as the new method of exchange for goods and services

Bartering for goods

Bartering for goods

With the current financial turmoil, some people think that our monetary system isn’t working and that we should go back to bartering as a method of exchange instead of currency. 

If we switched to bartering as a method of exchange, that would suck for criminals.  Thousands of thieves would keep throwing out their backs, because $10,000 worth of apples is a lot heavier than $10,000. 

Dating wouldn’t be as fun if we went back to the bartering system.  Money is an aphrodisiac.

When a guy goes on a date with a girl, guys usually pay the bill and the girls usually enjoy this because it is: nice, proper, and a turn-on.  But if we go back to a bartering system for the method of exchange, then guys are going to have to pay for dinner with goods such as: eggs, Pepsi, and shingles.  Paying for dinner with a pile of stuff you keep in your car isn’t going to put the woman in the mood.  Paying for a meal with goods is about as impressive and sexy as paying for a meal with a big change jar.


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