Pole dancing in the Olympics and Olympic demonstrative sports

Official and unofficial Olympic sports

Official and unofficial Olympic sports

Pole dancing athletes and supporters are trying to make pole dancing an official Olympic sport.  There are currently petitions and lobbying to make pole dancing a demonstrative sport for the 2012 or 2016 summer games.  Demonstrative Olympic sports aren’t official Olympic sports, but are a good way to showcase a new sport and create popularity for it.  

It has got to suck being an athlete for a demonstrative sport.  Every time an athlete from a demonstrative sport steps onto the playing field, they know that the International Olympic Committee doesn’t think that their sport has the character, strength, or skill to be on the same level as other Olympic sports such as Curling, Ping Pong, and Equestrian Dressage (horse ballet).

Some events that have been demonstrative sports include bowling, water skiing, and ski ballet (acroski Winter Olympics).  I think that these sports should not be official Olympic events.  These events are engaging and fun to watch.  But if there is a deadlock in the medal race between: the US,China, andRussia.  I don’t think that bowlers should determine the outcome of the competition.

Life insurance investments on celebrities with drug problems

Gary Busey life insurance risk

Gary Busey life insurance risk

It is so dumb that companies can take out life insurance policies on their employees, with the company as the beneficiary receiving the life insurance benefits in the event of an employee’s death. 

Only family members or household members should be able to be the beneficiaries of an employee life insurance policy.

Life insurance shouldn’t be a speculative investment or a financial vehicle that companies and people use on complete strangers.  I shouldn’t be able to take out a life insurance policy on a musician or an actor who has a serious drug problem, with the hope that he or she will kick the bucket.  “Hey you know I need to start saving for retirement, maybe I should buy a life insurance policy on Gary Busy or Courtney Love.”  These are people not crop futures.

Under the current life insurance rules, you can take out a life insurance policy on someone if you are dependent on them for education, support, or have a financial stake. 

So right now, I can try to make money by taking out a life insurance policy on someone who is living life dangerously and make up or create a reason why I am eligible to do so. “I need a life insurance policy on Charlie Sheen because I won a $50,000 bet against him and he hasn’t paid me yet.”  “I need to take out a life insurance policy on Amy Winehouse; because I play her music in my store and if she isn’t alive making new music, my business will go under.”


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