The evolution of animals in landfills

Animals evolving in landfills

Animals evolving in landfills

I hope that evolution doesn’t exist.

I don’t want any new animal species evolving out of landfills.  I don’t want butterflies to develop wings which look like coke cans so they can better hide from predators.  I don’t want skunks in land fills evolving to be three times stinkier so they can scare away predators who are already used to stinky smells.

If animals evolved out of landfills, it would suck.

There would be all these new species false alarms where mutants are mistaken for new species.

Zoos would be less fun because they would add stinky landfill exhibits to help educate the public on earth’s new embarrassing species.


One Response to The evolution of animals in landfills

  1. Avia/Miriam says:

    A very good point – the Earth will adapt one way or another – but we can choose whether that will be as beautiful as it was when it was created, or a mirror of our own rubbish. I hope and pray that we can wake up to this problem and not wait for it to get worse.
    Having sorted all my refuse into recyclables and putting all compostibles back into my garden I am left with what – plastic wrappings! Plastic has been our worst invention. Recycled cardboard containers are so easy to replace plastic – why are we not using this method more?
    Animals are better at adapting than us.
    The ‘jokes’ you present here are all too real a possibility.

    Thanks for your input.

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