The real extractors from the movie Inception

Extractors entering people’s dreams

Extractors entering people’s dreams

In the movie Inception there are people called extractors who steal ideas from other people while they are dreaming.  The extractors have to be sleeping in order to enter a dream and steal an idea from another person.

It would be sweet to be an extractor like in the movie Inception, because you would get paid to sleep.  At any other job, if you are caught sleeping, you get fired. 

My only criticism with the movie Inception is that they romanticized the extractor profession, those extractors didn’t seem like real extractors.

In the movie, the extractors wanted to go to sleep to enter someone’s dream, but they never ate really big lunches to help them go to sleep.  At work everyone is ready to take a nap after eating a really big lunch.  So in real life, if these extractors wanted to go to sleep, they would be eating rich calorie packed meals whenever they planned on entering someone’s dreams. 

In real life, extractors would also be 60 pounds over weight, because you don’t burn a lot of calories from those big lunches when the only movement you do at work is rapid eye movement.

The evolution of animals in landfills

Animals evolving in landfills

Animals evolving in landfills

I hope that evolution doesn’t exist.

I don’t want any new animal species evolving out of landfills.  I don’t want butterflies to develop wings which look like coke cans so they can better hide from predators.  I don’t want skunks in land fills evolving to be three times stinkier so they can scare away predators who are already used to stinky smells.

If animals evolved out of landfills, it would suck.

There would be all these new species false alarms where mutants are mistaken for new species.

Zoos would be less fun because they would add stinky landfill exhibits to help educate the public on earth’s new embarrassing species.



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