Employee medical coverage in the dating world

Employee medical coverage in the dating world

Employee medical coverage in the dating world

Currently my company is thinking about cutting their employees’ medical coverage benefits.  That sucks! 

There are a few single employees at my job.  In the dating scene, people look for: strong physical characteristics, personality, income, and medical coverage in their potential dating options.

There are about 55 million singles in the United States who are either self-employed or have bad medical coverage. 

Currently when the self-employed babes look at my medical coverage it looks like six pack abs to them.  And my company is trying to diminish my great medical coverage and turn my dating scene medical coverage six pack abs into a beer gut.

Medical coverage cuts also suck for married people.  For married couples having good medical coverage is like bringing home Red Lobster for dinner. 

And for married couples having medical coverage decreased is like starting to bring home Burger King for dinner instead of Red Lobster.  Sure you can chew through the Burger King, put it on a table cloth, jazz it up, and have a good time. 

But it is not easy to be viewed as the hero for bringing home Burger King for dinner.


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