Shaq playing for the Celtics.

Shaq or Shaquille

Shaq or Shaquille

One of my buddies told me that Shaq was playing for the Celtics this year.  I told him that Shaq is playing for the Celtics, but that that Shaq isn’t Shaq.   Shaquille is playing for the Celtics now.  Shaq lost his nick name when he lost his stuff.  A basketball nickname is like a mortgage on a house, if you stop paying for it, they take it away. 

If I was Shaquille, I would be insulted if in the last year anyone referred to me as Shaq.  Because currently Shaq is a basketball legacy and anytime anyone refers to Shaquille’s current performance as Shaq they are destroying his legacy.

No alien ambassador for the United Nations.

Aliens think humans are racist and xenophobic.

Aliens think humans are racist and xenophobic.

In September 2010 there was a news story that the United Nations appointed an ambassador for aliens or extraterrestrials.  This ambassador was supposed to coordinate responses to all alien contact and represent all humanity when interacting with aliens.

The United Nations later said that this story was false and that they didn’t plan on having an alien ambassador. 

That is good because there is no point in having an alien ambassador.

If people want to impress aliens they shouldn’t appoint them ambassadors, they should just build the aliens giant temples and statues in their honor. 

If I was an alien and landed on Earth, I wouldn’t want to talk to a United Nations ambassador about cultural differences or foreign policies.  I would want the earthlings to build me statues, bring me gold, get me food, and take me to their leader.   

When aliens land on a planet they usually want the first person they see to take them to their leader.  But that makes sense, when you have an issue with a bill or are trying to get around the rules; you always want to talk to a manager.  Ambassadors aren’t managers, ambassadors are employees and leaders are managers.  That is why aliens want you to take them to your leader, because when you want to bend the rules you don’t want to talk to an employee, you want to talk to the manager.    

If the United Nations do have alien ambassadors it will be very hard for the ambassadors to make a good impression on the aliens.  If aliens see our science fiction movies such as: Skyline, Independence Day, Star Trek, War of the Worlds, Aliens, Predator, Mars Attacks!, etc,  they will see that people are racist and xenophobic towards aliens.  Because the vast majority of our movies about aliens show aliens being evil, greedy, war hungry, and violent. 

People don’t make movies about aliens helping humanity out, such as a movie where aliens drop off the cure for cancer or a movie where aliens give humanity a new cheap source of renewable clean energy.


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