Air Guitar vs. Guitar Hero

Air Guitar vs. Guitar Hero

Air Guitar vs. Guitar Hero

I feel sorry for air guitarists.  People used to think that air guitarists were the best fake guitar players out there.  But, now when people want to enjoy fake guitar, they turn to Guitar Hero.

That’s too bad; Air Guitar had a good 500-year run where it was the most popular form of fake guitar on the planet.  It had an even longer run if you include air violin and air harp.   But, I think Guitar Hero is better than Air Guitar because it has winners and losers.  In Air Guitar, people make hand gestures and any winning or losing that happens is just in their head. 

Even though Guitar Hero is better than Air Guitar, I still think we should preserve Air Guitar.  The best way to preserve Air Guitar is to treat it like an endangered species, and set up habitats.  Air guitarists would flourish in these habitats, because the habitats would be free of Air Guitar’s natural predators: Guitar Hero, public ridicule, and mirrors.  Or maybe it would be more effective to put Air Guitar on the endangered cultures list.  The endangered cultures list makes it illegal to poach the cultures on the list or to profit by mocking the culture.  It worked well for theScone(the pastry).  Scones were ignored almost to extinction during the 1950s, because of the glazed doughnut.  Today scientists predict that there are two million scones in theUnited States.  That is up from the 1970s, when there were less than 50,000 scones in theUnited States. 


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