Why do rich people collect antiques?

Second-hand items rich people vs. poor people

Second-hand items rich people vs. poor people

I don’t understand why rich people buy and collect antiques.  Didn’t antique collectors have older brothers or sisters growing up?  Aren’t they sick of getting hand-me downs?

I think rich people buy and collect antiques, because they never got hand-me downs growing up.  Rich families just went out and bought new stuff and got rid of the old stuff for a tax deduction when it wore out.   

Rich people collect antiques to try to fill that void in their lives that comes from.

1.  Getting new stuff year after year.

2.  Never getting old used clothes from your cousins or neighbors.

3.  Never having to sleep on your siblings old mattress.

4.  Never owning furniture that creaked like an old Boat or wobbled like a kid riding his first bike.      

Poor people don’t have quite the same thirst for antiques.  We got our fill of used hand me down stuff growing up.  When poor people have to choose to wear to school either a ten-year-old shirt or a shirt that didn’t fit them, that situation doesn’t exactly scream lets buy used stuff when I grow up.

3 Responses to Why do rich people collect antiques?

  1. Michelle says:

    People buy antiques and collectibles for several reasons , rich or poor;

    The quality of the item is better than anything you can but today especially furniture. It was built to last hundreds of years.

    The history behind an item.

    Because it is something that you find pleasing to look at, sit on, hold in your hands.

    The thrill of the hunt for that one perfect piece to fill a collection.

    A passion for the story, history and life behind the items you purchase.

    I am far from rich and collecting has been part of my life since I was young… hand me downs and all.

    You don’t find many used mattresses at antique shops or wobbly furniture. The only clothes you will find are nice, clean vintage items or new items with a vintage look to them.

    I take it you are not a collector nor do you hold an appreciation for something that still survives after 100 yrs., no passion for the past or history.

    If you are not a collector you will never understand.

  2. Jefferson Faudan says:

    you’ll never appreciate one not unless you’re well versed with history, art etc… aside from the historical story of those items, you just can’t deny its durability… it’s like purchasing the latest rolex or tag heuer for most nouveau riche because it’s trendy but the old money will purchase a witnauer or a hamilton or a vostok or a pierre cardin or yves saint laurent because it’s classic elegance will live on…

  3. Waffle says:

    It’s because an antique is an asset, a hand-me down phone isn’t.

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