Blood-sucking aliens in the movies

Aliens after human blood

Aliens after human blood

I think it is stupid when I see movies where aliens want to drink and collect human blood.  In the movies, aliens fly halfway across the galaxy in a cramped space ship; all because they want human blood.  There is no way that aliens would go to such great lengths to get human blood. 

I have seen four movies where aliens steal blood from people.  And in each movie the aliens never test the blood before they use it to see if it is safe to use or not.  That is crazy!  Blood is dangerous, people have: hepatitis, infections, diseases, and tattoos.    

It’s like these aliens haven’t discovered biology yet.  They can travel across galaxies, build laser guns, and translate any language.  But they don’t bother to stop and check to see if a person’s blood is safe to use or not.

The Food and Drug Administration protects people from bad food in the United States.  Don’t these aliens have a Food and Drug Administration that tells them the dangers of collecting and consuming human blood and tells aliens the precautions that need to be taken when dealing with human blood? 

2 Responses to Blood-sucking aliens in the movies

  1. Captain Nemo says:

    This silly cliche is a mere following in the footsteps of Herbert Well’s with his evil blood-sucking Martians . But what is forgiveable for the vintage novel, is outright stupid nowadays.

  2. Cj Whitman says:

    Well to be somewhat factual, if there were a humanoid creature who drank blood, it would probably be similar to a vampire bat. Vamp bats drink blood full of infection all the time, but they rarely if ever get sick because of 2 factors. 1. high stomach acid content which breaks down and kills most infectious material before it can enter the body. 2. A built up immunity to many of the diseases inherent in blood. Now, that being said, vamp bats often pass on diseases, some vamp bites will feed from animals with diseases like rabies, then feed from a human or other animal, spreading the disease, but they themselves are quite often unaffected by it. Much like mosquitoes, how many mosquitoes have you seen with malaria? Yet they are one of the major spreaders of it. So with all that being said a blood sucking alien with a conscious would probably be the worst of 2 evil. “Ya, the alien only drank a little blood and spared my life, but the dick gave me AIDS and rabies!”

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