More cows than tigers, proof natural selection doesn’t work

Natural selection doesn't work

Natural selection doesn’t work

Natural selection does not work. Natural selection states that, “animals which are more fit survive and pass on their genes.” There are two billion cows on the planet and about 22,000 tigers, so cows outnumber tigers 90,000 to one. Cows haven’t shown me that they are better at surviving than tigers?

Tigers can’t be enclosed by a three foot fence and you will never see a group of tigers get herded by a dog. High school kids never tip over tigers at night. People also don’t put masks on the back of their heads to defend themselves against cows.

People mess up natural selection. We just farm, eat, or breed whatever we feel like. Look at toy dogs, like Pomeranians, Chihuahua, Shih Tzus. They wouldn’t last two minutes in the wild. Every toy dog is an endangered species waiting to happen.


One Response to More cows than tigers, proof natural selection doesn’t work

  1. michael says:

    You don’t understand natural selection. The reason that there are so many cows is that people are breeding more and more cows and the reason there are so few tigers is because people hunt them down for various different reasons and they kill them to protect themselves or, say their cows. You need to actually understand natural selection it isn’t survival of the fittest its survival of those wich are better adapted, however human have interfered and bred more cows and killed more tigers.

    And, anyway there would also be naturally less tigers like there are a hell less lions than wilderbeasts.

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